Produced Foam Test Kit

Field Test Kit - Produced Foam

Designed to enable fire safety professionals to test for themselves on-site the performance of their induction system.

  • Enables foam induction systems to be easily calibrated.
  • Contains a step-by-step manual, together with worked examples.
  • Packed in robust offshore suitable case.
  • Suitable for testing to International Standards NFPA 11 2002 (para. 10.6.2 and 3) and BS 5306.
  • Suitable for use with AFFF, Protein and AR Foams.




 Digital refractometer


 Sample bottles


 100ml cylinders


 250ml beaker


 1ml syringe


 Carry case


 Produced Foam Testing Manual



Weight & dimensions

  • Gross weight: 7kg
  • Overall dimensions: 42 x 32 x 19cm

Additional information

For additional information on foam testing and foam concentrates including a glossary of terms used, international standards, C6 foams, compatibility and shelf life, please refer to our FAQs section.


Oil Technics cannot be responsible for any incorrect use of results when using its kits, or for any loss, personal injury or property damage, however caused, resulting from the use of these Test Kits.

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