Antifoaming agent designed to breakdown unwanted or excess produced foam

An antifoam concentrate designed primarily to defoam unwanted or excess produced AFFF fire fighting foam.

Quickly eliminates foam so reducing the risk of foam / hydrocarbon carry over to industrial separators.



Environmental Impact

  • Very low order of toxicity
  • Not classified as hazardous to the environment


D-Foamer is an effective, stable antifoam in all types of applications including

  • Fire fighting foams
  • Training foams
  • Adhesives
  • Amine scrubbing
  • Cutting oils
  • Traffic Film Removers
  • Rigwash and Degreasers
  • Sewage and Effluent processes

Proportioning Information

D-Foamer disperses easily in both hot and cold aqueous systems, requiring only mild agitation to disperse it completely in the foaming system.

The quantity of antifoam required can only be found by experiment as it will vary depending on the drainage time of the foam.

In general between 0.6% and 3% of the product is all that is required, ie 0.6 - 3 litres of product per 1000 litres of foaming media.

 Physical properties


Off-white viscous emulsion

Specific gravity @ 25°C 


Percentage silicone


pH @ 20°C


Viscosity @ 20°C mPas


Freezing point (°C)


Boiling point (°C)


Lowest use temp. (°C)


Max. storage temp. (°C)


Min. storage temp. (°C)







Additional Information

Storage and Shelf Life

Keep in the original, unopened manufacturer’s supplied container and store between 2°C and 35°C. Do not allow to freeze. Shelf life of unopened containers is 12 months from date of manufacture. For use after this time, please contact us.


Excess product to be disposed of by a specialised disposal company.

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