6% Fluorine Free Foam (F3)

One of the world’s first operational Fluorine Free Foam (F3) concentrate for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.

For many years fluorine compounds have been used as ingredients in high performance foams such as AFFF. Their unique properties have made them essential for providing rapid extinguishment of life threatening fires such as those encountered at aircraft crashes.

More recently, however, concerns have been expressed about the potentially harmful long-term effects of fluorine compounds on the environment.

In response to these concerns Angus Fire has become the first manufacturer to successfully eliminate fluorine compounds from high performance foam without incurring a significant reduction in operational effectiveness. Fluorine free foam technology has now become a reality!

  • World’s first operational Fluorine Free Foam (F3) for minimal environmental impact.
  • Ideal for civilian and military airport fire services.
  • Fully approved to UL 162, ICAO Level A, UK Def Stan 42-42, and EN 1568-3.
  • Outstanding performance in realistic aircraft crash fire tests carried out by UK Defence Fire Service.
  • Exceptionally stable in long-term storage.

Performance Approvals       

SYNDURA is measured primarily against Underwriters Laboratories Standard UL 162 (7th Edition).

  • UL Listed for use on hydrocarbon fires through portable and fixed foammaking equipment.
  • Approved to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Level A.
  • Meets the fire performance requirements of UK Ministry of Defence Standard 42-42 and the European foam standard EN 1568-3 : 2000.
  • Demonstrated outstanding performance in realistic aircraft crash fire tests carried out by the UK Defence Fire Service. On a fully involved 280m2 fire involving 2,500 litres of aviation kerosene with a 60 second preburn, SYNDURA achieved control in only 30 seconds and complete extinction in 50 seconds when applied with two Angus Fire 450 litre/minute portable foam branchpipes.

Environmental Impact  

SYNDURA is biodegradable and demonstrates low toxicity to aquatic organisms.


SYNDURA is the ideal foam for fire professionals currently prohibited by environmental regulations from using fluorine-based foams in non-emergency applications. This is currently causing operational difficulties in the aviation and military sectors with vehicle testing and training exercises.


SYNDURA is intended for use at 6% (6 parts concentrate to 94 parts of water) for operational fire fighting, although it may also be used at 3% in training exercises.

It is suitable for use with around-the-pump foam proportioning systems, portable inductors and fixed proportioning systems. It can also be used at low, medium and high expansion.

Physical Properties     


White liquid

pH @ 20°C

6.6 - 7.6

Specific gravity

1.00 - 1.03

Viscosity @ 20°C (Brookfield Viscometer @ 60 rpm, No.4 Spindle) 

2000 - 3000 mPas

Max. continuous storage temp. (°C)


Min. storage temp. (°C)




Additional Information  

For additional information on fire fighting foam concentrates including C6 foams, foam testing, compatibility, shelf life and pack sizes, please refer to our FAQs section.

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UL listed EN1568 ICAO LevelA UK MOD DEF STD 42 42shadow