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EU New Regulation: EU 2017/1000, June 13 2017


A new European Commission Regulation  EU 2017/1000 was published on June 13 2017 regarding perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), its salts and PFOA-related substances.

The regulation requires that by 4th July 2020, fire fighting foam concentrates are not allowed to include a concentration greater or equal to:

  • 25 parts per billion (ppb) of PFOA or its salts
  • 1000ppb of one or a combination of PFOA-related substances

Our range of Aberdeen Foam AFFF-C6 concentrates already meet this regulation - and contain considerably fewer than the maximum quantities allowable under this regulation - three years before it comes into force!

  Component Amount allowable under EU Regulation EC 2017/1000
Amount contained in a typical produced Aberdeen Foam AFFF-C6 concentrate
  •   PFOA or its salts
<25ppb  0.015ppb
  •   PFOA-related substances
 <1000ppb  0.54ppb

Further information on PFOA and the background to these changes can be read in our Knowledge Base here.

Note: 1 part per billion = 0.0000001% of a substance, so typically our Aberdeen Foam AFFF-C6 contains 0.0000000015% of PFOA or its salts and 0.000000054% of PFOA-related subtances.