Foam Seal Oil

Sealing barrier helps to minimise evaporation & deterioration of foam concentrates

Foam Seal Oil is designed for use as a sealing barrier on stored Foam Concentrate to help minimise evaporation and deterioration.

Foam Seal Oil is non-reactive and remains on the surface of the foam concentrate while stored in your tanks.



   How to use

  • Add to the surface of your foam concentrate immediately after it is placed in its storage tank.
  • A depth of approximately 6mm is recommended.
  • Not recommended for apparatus tanks or tanks subject to excessive vibration.


Foam Seal Oil is designed for use as a barrier between the stored foam concentrate and the air in order to reduce evaporation and deterioration.


Storage & Shelf Life

  • Best stored as supplied in original, unopened containers or in suitable tanks. Use and store in well ventilated areas.
  • To prolong the shelf life, do not expose to temperature extremes and prevent contamination from foreign materials.

Pack sizes

Available in 25 Litre containers.

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