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UL 162 Fire Test - 1% AFFF C6

UL 162 Top side Heptane Fire Test using 1% AFFF C6 (by Ed Norman)

AFFF vs Fluorine Free Foam

Angus Tridol C6 AFFF vs Fluorine Free Foam, tested to ICAO Level B and EN1568 (by Angus Fire)

Flammable Fire Fighting Foam!

This lab work demonstrates that Fluorine Free Foams (F3) become flammable when contaminated with fuel, whereas film-forming AFFF foams do not. (by Dynax)

Demystifying LNG

Detailed explanation of the use of Angus Fire's Turbex High Expansion foam generators for the control and suppression of LNG releases (by Angus Fire)

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