0.1% - 1% Class A Foam

Forexpan is a synthetic fire fighting foam concentrate specially formulated for Class A applications such as forestry and wildland fire control, structural fires, and tyre and paper fires.

The balanced chemical system in Forexpan reduces the surface tension of water to increase the penetrating power into burning Class A materials.

  • At 1% Forexpan can be used for small Class B hydrocarbon spill fires involved in a forestry environment, eg. leaking truck fuel tanks or refuelling equipment.
  • Economical - 0.1% to 1.0% proportioning rate depending on method of application.
  • Acceptable environmental characterstics.
  • Flexible in use - can be used through conventional water nozzles, air aspirating foam nozzles, compressed air systems or dropped from aircraft.
  • Easily premixed - with fresh, salt or brackish water.
  • Reduced storage space - one 5 gallon drum will produce 500-5000 gallons of foam solution.
  • Excellent foamability – particularly with fresh water, making Forexpan ideal for use in fixed wing aircraft and helicopter buckets.
  • Long Shelf Life - in excess of 10 years if 

    stored in accordance with

     recommended guidelines.

Application advice     

Specially formulated for Class A applications such as forestry and wildland fire control, structural fires, and tyre and paper fires.

Five way attack

Forexpan is highly versatile and can be used with a wide range of equipment for different methods of application. It is intended for use at 0.1% to 1.0% depending on the method of application:

  • Ground Attack: Air aspirating nozzle of 0.3% proportioning rate; 0.1% for mop-up.
  • Structural Attack: Conventional Nozzles; 0.5% proportioning rate.
  • Aerial Attack: Fixed or Rotary Wing delivery systems; 0.6% proportioning rate.
  • CAF Systems: Compressed Air Foam System; 0.15% proportioning rate.
  • Fire Breaks and small Class B spill fires: 1% proportioning rate.

The above proportioning rates are given for guidance only. Users may vary them based on operational experience with the different systems.

Physical Properties 


Light yellow liquid

Specific gravity @ 20°C

1.03 - 1.05

pH @ 20°C

8.0 - 9.5

Viscosity @ 20°C 


Max. continuous storage temp. (°C)


Max. intermittent storage temp. (°C)


Freezing point (°C)


Effect of freeze/thaw

No performance loss

Lowest use temperature (°C)




Forexpan is suitable for use in combination with soft or hard, fresh, brackish or sea water.


Forexpan is exceptionally stable in long-term storage. A shelf-life of at least ten years may be expected if it is stored properly.

When stored below -10°C, some cloudiness may occur, however on subsequent warming, this will disappear without any detrimental effect.


Forexpan is produced to rigorous quality control standards to ensure consistent fire performance and excellent product reliability.

Angus Fire operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

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