Foam testing service

Is your foam truly C6?

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We can facilitate testing of your foam concentrates to ensure that your foam is C6 compliant and meets current UK POPs or EU PFAS restrictions.

Testing of your foam concentrate is key as stockpiles of foam concentrate greater than 50 kg that do not conform with current Environment Agency (EA) restrictions must be:

  • notified to the EA
  • no longer used 
  • disposed of appropriately

We can offer Total Oxidizable Precursor (TOP) Assay testing to ensure foam concentrates comply with local regulations and policies. We only require 250 mL of foam concentrate to determine PFAS levels.

TOP Assay is a hydroxyl radical based oxidation reaction. Precursors are transformed to dead end perfluoroalkylic acids (PFAAs) in such reactions. The evaluation of pre- and post-TOP Assay data may therefore offer a clearer view of PFAS being present in specific samples. Further information on this testing can be downloaded here.


To enquire about having your foam TOP Assay tested, please click here.