Aberdeen Foam 3x6% AR-AFFF-C6

Non-Newtonian 3x6% Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF)

A high quality, non-Newtonian Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AR-AFFF) concentrate.

Designed to quickly extinguish and secure fires involving both:

  • Class B hydrocarbon liquid fuels such as crude oil, gasoline, aviation kerosene and fuel oil.
  • Polar solvents and water miscible such as alcohols, ketones, aldehydes and ethers.

Formulated for use with either fresh or seawater, Aberdeen Foam 3x6% AR-AFFF-C6’s versatile fire fighting capability reduces the need to stock different foam types.

Environmental Impact

  • Contain no fluorosurfactants of chain length greater than C6
  • Biodegradable      
  • Butyl carbitol free
  • Low fluorine content
  • Low toxicity to aquatic organisms
  • Meets European Commission Regulation EU 2017/1000
  • Compliant with EPA 2010/15 PFOA Stewardship Programme

    For more information on these environmental regulations, please visit our Knowledge Base.


Aberdeen Foam 3x6% AR-AFFF-C6 concentrate provides quality protection wherever hydrocarbons and/or polar solvents present a fire risk:

  • Offshore platforms and helidecks
  • Petrochemical refining, processing and storage facilities
  • Marine terminals, power stations and road / rail loading racks
  • Rapid Intervention Vehicles and aircraft hangar systems

Produced AR-AFFF foams can also be used as wetting agents for combating Class A fires (i.e.tyres, paper, wood) and for providing a vapour suppression blanket on hydrocarbon spills.

Proportioning information

Intended for use at the following proportions:

Hydrocarbon fires: 3% (3 parts foam concentrate to 97 parts water)

Polar solvent fires: 6% (6 parts foam concentrate to 94 parts water)

Aberdeen Foam 3x6% AR-AFFF-C6 concentrate is readily proportioned with the following equipment:

  • In-line inductors (fixed or portable)
  • Balanced pressure variable flow proportioners
  • Around the pump proportioners
  • Bladder tank Balanced Pressure proportioning skid
  • Handline, aspirating nozzles with fixed inductor pickup tube

Physical properties


Clear pale straw liquid

Specific gravity


pH @ 20°C


Viscosity @ 20°C (mPas)


Surface tension @ 20°C (N/m)


Freezing point (°C)


Lowest use temp. (°C)



> 6:0

25% drainage (minutes)

> 5.0

Max. storage temp. (°C)


Min. storage temp. (°C)


Freeze/thaw effect


* Foam quality will depend on the foam equipment used and the operating conditions. The above are tested in accordance with UK Defence Standard 42-40.

Additional information

For additional information on fire fighting foam concentrates including C6 foams, foam testing, compatibility, shelf life and pack sizes, please refer to our FAQs section.

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EU 2017 1000 compliant EPA 2015 compliant