Aberdeen Foam 3% F3

Fluorine Free Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate

An EN1568 pt 3 certified Fluorine Free (F3) Fire Fighting Foam concentrate for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.

Aberdeen Foam 3% F3 is a low viscosity newtonian Fluorine Free Foam designed for minimal environmental impact.

  • Quickly extinguishes and secures Class B hydrocarbon fires of liquids such as crude oil, gasoline, aviation kerosene and fuel oil.
  • Formulated for use with fresh or brackish water. 
  • Fully biodegradable - up to 98% after 7 days and up to 99% after 14 days.
  • Not suitable for use on fuels which are polar solvents and water miscible such as alcohols, ketones, aldehydes and ethers. 
  • Can also combat Class A fires due to excellent wetting abilities.

Fire Performance Approvals

 Aberdeen Foam 3% F3 meets the requirements of:

  • EN 1568: 2018 Part 3: Class IB in fresh water

For further information, please contact us.

Environmental Impact

  • Non-persistent in the environment.
  • Fluorosurfactant free.
  • Fully biodegradable (up to 99% at 14 days).
  • Meets EU2019/1021 - complies with EU and UK PFOA restrictions.
  • Not particularly toxic to microbial populations normally found in treatment plants. Compatible with the treatment plant’s flora.
  • Anti-foam agents may be used to reduce foam in in waste streams.


Aberdeen Foam 3% F3 concentrate provides protection wherever hydrocarbons present a fire risk:

  • Petrochemical refining, processing and storage facilities
  • Marine terminals, power stations and road / rail loading racks
  • Rapid Intervention Vehicles and aircraft hangar systems

Produced foams can also be used as wetting agents for combating Class A fires (i.e.tyres, paper, wood) and for providing a vapour suppression blanket on hydrocarbon spills.

Proportioning Information

Intended for use at 3% (3 parts foam concentrate to 97 parts water).

Aberdeen Foam 3% F3 concentrate is readily proportioned with the following equipment:

  • In-line inductors (fixed or portable)
  • Balanced pressure variable flow proportioners
  • Around the pump proportioners
  • Bladder tank Balanced Pressure proportioning skid
  • Handline, aspirating nozzles with fixed inductor pickup tube

Physical properties

  • Appearance
Amber liquid
  • Specfic Gravity @ 20°C
  • pH @ 20°C
  • Kinematic Viscosity @ 20°C (mm2.s-1)
< 10
  • Surface tension @ 20°C mN/m
< 30
  • Freezing point (°C)
< -2
  • Lowest use temp. (°C)
  • Expansion*
> 7
  • 25% drainage (minutes)
> 4
  • Max. storage temp. (°C)
  • Min. storage temp. (°C)
  • Freeze/thaw effect
* Foam quality will depend on the foam equipment used and the operating conditions. The above are tested in accordance with UK Defence Standard 42-40.

How it works

Aberdeen Foam 3% F3 effectively extinguishes and secures liquid hydrocarbon fires by cooling the fuel’s surface and creating a stable blanket to suppress the release of flammable vapours.

Storage & shelf life

Best stored as supplied in original, unopened containers. Suitable for storage in containers and tanks manufactured from:

  • Stainless steel (Type 304L or 316L)
  • High density cross-linked polyethylene
  • FRP (vinyl ester epoxy resin only)
  • Carbon steel “black” pipe
  • Brass compounds
  • Concentrate must not be stored or come in contact with galvanised tanks, pipes or fittings

If kept in the original manufacturer’s supplied container and stored between 0°C and 50°C, a shelf life of at least 20 years can be expected.

To prolong the shelf life of any F3, do not expose to temperature extremes and prevent contamination from foreign materials. If product is frozen, thawing will not effect performance. Mixing after freeze/thaw is recommended.


As recommended by NFPA 11: 2021, we would advise that if mixing foam concentrates from different manufacturers a compatibility study is carried out beforehand.

For further information or advice on compatibility testing, please visit our Knowledge Base or contact us.


Produced Aberdeen Foam 3% F3 can be safely disposed of in biological waste water treatment systems.

Inspection & testing

As recommended by international foam standards NFPA 11: 2021 and BS:EN 13565-2: 2018, Aberdeen Foam concentrates should be inspected and tested at least annually as part of your fire fighting foam maintenance programme.

Oil Technics (Fire Fighting Products) Limited offers a worldwide foam testing service and in-house foam testing training. For further details, please contact us or visit our website.

Technical Sales & Support

For our UK customers, Aberdeen Foam is available 24/7 via our 24 hour emergency call out service: +44 (0) 1561 361515.

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