F3 versus AFFF: Check the facts!


"Fluorine-free foams are not as effective as AFFF agents at extinguishing flammable liquid fires," claims an article by Tom Cortina of the Fire Fighting Foam Coalition in the latest issue of Industrial Fire Journal.

Titled "Check the Facts", the article cites several comparable test results to substantiate this claim. One set of results, presented at the fire fighting foam seminar organised by the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA) and International Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFP) in July 2016, are quoted in the table below:

IFJ article table

 To download a PDF of this article, please click here or the issue of Industrial Fire Journal can be read online here.

In the same issue, a related article by V Frank Bateman  - "At the Heart of It" - examines some of the possible outcomes of dealing with flammable liquid fires using F3 foams instead of AFFFs. In his opinion, none of these outcomes are good! To download a PDF of this article, please click here or it can also be read online here.

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Posted 2nd May 2017