Which Fire Fighting Foam is best for the environment?


Which Fire Fighting Foam is best for the environment?

According to the UK Environmental Agency: whichever one is best at putting out fires!*

  • All foams pollute as they contain a wide range of polluting chemicals such as detergents, surfactants and solvents
  • Fire water run-off is polluting
  • But you should always use the firefighting foam which is best suited to your fire risk!

When is it recommended to use C6 AFFFs instead of Fluorine Free Foams?

 c6 vs F3

Testimonial by Solberg's Vice President

At a recent public hearing in Washington State, USA, it was debated whether fluorosufactant-containing fire fighting foams should be banned completely. 


Called as an expert witness, the Vice President of Solberg, Mitch Hubert, argued that users should not use fluorine free foams but use only fluorosurfactant-based AFFFs and AR-AFFFs "for critical situations like aircraft rescue firefighting and large catastrophic Fuel-In-Depth type fires”.


For his full testimonial please see the "Solberg Statement" page or download our recent update here.

*Presentation by Matthew Gable, Senior Emergency Planner, Environment Agency at the Angus Fire Foam Seminar, Manchester, UK, 3rd June 2014.