Aberdeen Foam Vapour Shield (Alkali)

6% Alkali Vapour Suppressing Aqueous Foam Concentrate

A high quality, fluorine free foam concentrate which quickly controls hazardous alkali spill vapour release to protect on-site emergency crews and minimise environmental damage.

Designed to provide an effective and stable vapour suppressing foam blanket on alkali spills when used at 6% concentration.

  • Increases evacuation time
  • Reduces evacuation area required
  • Allows time for initiation of clean up operation
  • Resists chemical pick up
  • Formulated for use with either fresh or seawater

How does Vapour Suppression Foam work?

Many chemicals can destroy foam by combining with the surfactants used in its formulation, changing its pH or removing water by reaction or dissolution. Vapour Shield (Alkali) has been specially formulated to work effectively with alkalis without out any adverse reaction.

When used at a concentration of 6%, Vapour Shield (Alkali) provides a stable, slow draining foam to effectively suppress vapours from accidental alkali chemical spills.

Environmental impact

  • Biodegradable - meets requirements of EC648/2004
  • Water based     
  • Fluorine free
  • Not classified as hazardous to the environment


Aberdeen Foam Vapour Shield (Alkali) concentrate provides quality protection wherever alkali spills are a risk:

  • Road tankers and rail cars
  • Chemical storage facilities
  • Industrial processing areas

Effective on hazardous alkaline material such as:

  • Anhydrous ammonia
  • All alkyl amines
  • Hydrazine
  • Sodium hypochlorite

Vapour Shield (Alkali) is also suitable for use as a wetting agent for combating Class A fires, ie tyres, paper and wood.

It should not be used for Class B hydrocarbon fire extinguishment.

Proportioning information

  • Intended for use at 6% (6 parts foam concentrate to 94 parts water).
  • Aberdeen Foam Vapour Shield (Alkali) concentrate should only be applied using a medium expansion nozzle.

Physical properties


Clear bright colourless liquid

Specific gravity

1.01 - 1.03

pH @ 20°C

7.0 - 8.5

Viscosity @ 20°C (mPas)


Surface tension @ 20°C (N/m)


Freezing point (°C)


Lowest use temp. (°C)



> 6:0

25% drainage (minutes)

> 8.0

Max. storage temp. (°C)


Min. storage temp. (°C)


Freeze/thaw effect


* Foam quality will depend on the foam equipment used and the operating conditions. The above are tested in accordance with UK Defence Standard 42-40.

Additional information

For additional information on fire fighting foam concentrates including C6 foams, foam testing, compatibility, shelf life and pack sizes, please refer to our FAQs section.

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Fluorine Free EPA 2015 compliant