High Expansion Foam (HI-EX)

Expandol  is a superior quality high expansion fire fighting Foam (Hi-Ex) concentrate for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.

Its unique formula is a blend of high activity synthetic foaming agents and foam stabilisers specially formulated to produce an extremely stable long-lasting foam.

Expandol has been formulated primarily for use at medium and high expansion, and it is effective on a wide variety of Class A and Class B fire risks. The finished foam has drainage characteristics far superior to those of standard detergents which increase its ability to carry water to the fire, acting as a positive aid to effective fire extinguishment.

Expandol used at medium and high expansion combats fires in three ways:

  • Initial contact with fire generates a large volume of steam reducing the available oxygen to create an inert atmosphere.
  • The high water content of medium expansion foam produces a valuable cooling effect.
  • The large volume of foam generated engulfs the area and totally seals off and extinguishes any remaining fires.

Expandol is extremely economical. For example, when used with the Hi-Combat Turbex Mk2 high expansion foam generator 200 m³ min-¹(7000 ft³ min-¹) of finished foam can be produced at an expansion of 1200:1 for a consumption rate of nominally 5 l min-¹.

Performance Approvals

  • Expandol is measured primarily against Lloyd’s Register and NFPA 11A.
  • Independently tested and certified to EN1568:2008 Parts 1 & 2.


Expandol is the ideal foam to use at medium expansion at minor incidents such as small hydrocarbon liquid spill fires where close approach to the fire allows handheld apparatus to be used. It can also be used in conjunction with fixed installations to provide bund protection, where it can achieve extinction of fires or suppression of toxic vapour release after chemical spillage.

At medium and high expansion, Expandol is used for the total flooding of fire areas involving Class A and Class B fires: medium expansion for small areas such as cellars and basements of buildings, and high expansion for large areas such as ships' holds, machinery spaces, and LNG storage tank bunds.

Medium and high expansion foams are most effective when dealing with outbreaks of fire in inaccessible locations, where direct application of conventional agents such as water is difficult or impossible due to smoke or restricted access.


Expandol is intended for use at:

  • 1-3% (high expansion)
  • 3-6% (medium expansion).

Expandol gives best results when used with the Angus Fire range of high and medium expansion foam-making equipment. It may also be used satisfactorily with other manufacturers' equipment.

 Physical properties


Clear liquid

Specific gravity @ 20°C

1.00 - 1.02 

pH @ 20°C

6.0 - 8.0 

Viscosity @ 20°C (mm2 sec-1)


Max. continuous storage temp. (°C)


Max. intermittent storage temp. (°C)


Freezing point (°C)


Effect of freeze/thaw

No performance loss 

Lowest use temperature (°C)


Induction rate *


Expansion ratio *


25% drainage time*

>8 minutes

These vary depending on the performance characteristics of the foam. These are the properties given when tested with Angus Fire Equipment.

Environmental Impact      

Expandol is biodegradable and is non-toxic to aquatic organisms at normal use strength.


Expandol is suitable for use in combination with:

  • Soft or hard, fresh, brackish or seawater.
  • Expanded protein-based or synthetic foams for application to a fire in sequence or simultaneously.

Expandol is not normally considered compatible with dry powders but on LNG applications (high expansion) only surface foam layers are attacked, leaving a good vapour controlling blanket in place while the foam is topped up.


Expandol is exceptionally stable in long-term storage. A shelf-life of at least ten years can be expected if it is stored properly.

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EN1568 12 Fluorine Free