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CAP 437 - Offshore Helidecks (UK)

For UK offshore helidecks, the standard adopted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is CAP 437 – Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas, Chapter 5, paragraph 2.6.

  • Unfortunately, CAP 437 requires compliance to at least ICAO Level B using foam tested in sea water and freeze protected - a standard that does not exist!
  • However, CAP 437, paragraph 2.6 does allow the foam manufacturer to advise on performance - Oil Technics (Fire Fighting Products) Ltd recommends UL 162 as the preferred foam concentrate standard for offshore helidecks.
  • For further information on CAP 437, please visit the CAA website.
  • Information on the UK HSE recommendations for testing of Offshore helideck foam production systems can be found on the HSE website here.