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LASTFIRE - Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks

On behalf of a consortium of 16 oil companies, a project was initiated in the late 1990s to review the risks associated with large diameter (greater than 40m) open top floating roof storage tanks. The project was known as the LASTFIRE project. (Large Atmospheric Storage Tanks).

  • The project was initiated due to the oil and petrochemical industries recognition that the fire hazards associated with large diameter, open top floating roof tanks were insufficiently understood to be able to develop fully justified site specific fire response and risk reduction policies.

  • Part of this project was to develop a foam testing protocol in order to assess a foam’s capability to achieve the special performance characteristics relevant to large storage tank fire fighting.

  • The LASTFIRE test was rapidly established as a standard for this severe application and has been included as a requirement in foam concentrate procurement specifications by major international oil companies.

    For further information, visit the LASTFIRE website here.

Aberdeen Foam's C6 foam approved to LASTFIRE is:

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