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UL 162 - Offshore platforms

UL 162 is an Internationally recognised test method carried out by the UL (Underwriters Laboratory), an independent not-for-profit organisation.

  • UL 162 requires a 50 sq ft heptane fire with a pre-burn of 60 seconds to be extinguished at an application Rate of 1.63L/m² using a freeze protected foam with potable (fresh) and sea water.
  • This is a pass or fail test.
  • UL listed products are monitored with samples being sent to UL every 3 months for conformance testing. This guarantees the foam being supplied is the same formulation as was originally tested - no other test standard requires this monitoring.
  • For further information, visit the UL website.

Aberdeen Foam's range of C6 foams approved to UL 162 are:


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