Foam Training

We provide in-house training courses for both Foam Concentrate & Produced Foam Testing.

These courses provide extensive technical background and hands on experience in all aspects of Foam Testing and using our bespoke Foam Testing equipment.



Our Service offers:

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Intensive Training: providing a wider knowledge of Foam Testing & how to keep your system working properly

tick 1   Bespoke packages: accommodating both groups, or individual one-on-one training to suit your needs
tick 1   Reliable: with over 30 years’ experience of foam testing, ours is a service you can rely on!

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Our Courses:

Our Foam Testing training courses are ideal for those interested in learning more about Firefighting Foam Testing procedures.

We offer courses in:

  •  Produced Foam Testing

  •  Foam Concentrate Testing

These courses provide an excellent introduction to Firefighting Foam Testing for people of all levels within the firefighting and safety industries. The courses are designed to provide extensive technical background and hands-on experience in all aspects of foam testing and use of our specialised testing equipment.

After completion of these courses, the attendee will have acquired:

  •  Wider knowledge of foam testing
  •  Skills and know-how needed to collect Foam samples and operate in-field foam tests
  •  Understanding of the reasons a foam may fail, helping to prevent these failures and ensuring your system will work properly in an emergency
  •  Certificate of Competency

We can either provide group sessions for teams from within the same Company, or provide one-to-one dedicated training to meet your needs

For up-to-date pricing, please use our Enquiry Form and our lab will come back to you with a bespoke Quote to meet your Training needs.


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Duration & Costs:

We offer courses in:

  • Produced Foam Test Courses last approximately half a day.

  • Foam Concentrate Test Courses last approximately three days.

For pricing, please use our Enquiry Form and our lab will come back to you with a bespoke Quote to meet your Training needs.


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  • Oil Technics is not an accredited training provider.  All training given is in relation to our Foam Test Kits and is for general knowledge only; to help users better understand how to take correct Foam Test samples and operate our Foam Test Kits when out in the field.
  • Certificates of Competency indicate successful completion of the course, they are not an accredited qualification of any sort.
  • It is highly recommended that Foam samples are always sent to a reputable Foam Test Laboratory for independent, third party evaluation on at least an annual basis. 
  • Oil Technics cannot be held responsible for any incorrect use or any incorrect results derived from using its kits; or for any loss, personal injury or property damage, however caused, resulting from the use of our Test Kits or our Training courses.

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