New - Induction Foam!

induction foam

After 18 months of research and product development, we are now proud to be introducing our brand-new Induction Foam for offshore and onshore calibrations. Click here to view the Induction Foam product page

About our Induction Foam:

Our Induction Foam is a new, environmentally friendly and economical way to ensure your foam induction systems are calibrated correctly.

We created this product to eliminate the need for customers to discharge large quantities of expensive Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates during system calibration testing.  Whilst our Induction Foam simulates the properties of other AFFF products, it also offers other benefits, such as being:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Readily biodegradable (>70% BOD/COD 5 days)
  • Much more economical than using foam concentrates
  • Fluorosurfactant free
  • Flourine free
  • HOCNF/CEFAS (Offshore) Approved
  • Low toxicity to aquatic organisms
  • Avoids the need for hazardous waste disposal or discharge consent.

How our Induction Foam works:

Our Induction Foam works slightly different to that of other Foams used during the system calibration process. Instead of using a foam concentrate, our Induction Foam is proportioned in the foam induction system with water, the Produced Foam is collected and the refractive index is measured against laboratory prepared samples. This then allows the tester to derive whether the system is operating within expected calibration limits or not.

Who can use our Induction Foam?

Our Induction Foam is not suitable for use as a fire extinguishment, as it is designed for testing your foam induction systems only.  However, as it is designed for minimal environmental impact, it is ideal for use wherever regular Fire Fighting Foam calibration is required, for example in the Marine or Offshore Industries.

Where to use our Induction Foam?

Our Induction Foam is designed for use in system calibration wherever a non-foaming alternative to foam concentrate is required.  It is designed especially for areas where discharge of fluorine containing foam is regulated or prohibited, such as:

  • Offshore platforms and helidecks
  • Petrochemical refining, processing and storage facilities
  • Marine terminals, power stations and road / rail loading racks
  • Rapid Intervention Vehicles and aircraft hangar systems
  • Harbours, docks, ports and vessels/ships at sea


More information:

If you would like to discuss how our Induction Foam could help reduce your calibration testing costs, or you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Email: info@firefightingfoam.com
Tel: +44 (0) 1561 361515.

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