Portable foam test kits

Foam Test Kits & Equipment

As recommended by NFPA 11: 2016 and BS EN 13565: 2009, Foam Concentrates and Produced Foams should be inspected and tested at least annually as part of your fire fighting foam maintenance programme.

This testing should be carried out under laboratory conditions to ensure accurate and consistent results. However, it is not always possible to access a Foam Laboratory and for these occasions we offer “Field Test Kits” which include an easy to use, step by step manual.

To complement these kits, we also supply additional equipment to help you with your own Foam Testing procedures.

Testing FoamConcentrateKit2
Field Test Kit for Foam Concentrates
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Testing ProducedFoamKit2
Field Test Kit for Produced Foam
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Ancillary products for use in Foam Concentrate testing procedures
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