Latest Update from SEAC

SEAC are recommending a derogation of 10 years for the use of AFFF-LFs in the North Sea, bringing it in line with Seveso III sites. This recommendation is now awaiting confirmation from ECHA. 

After ECHA’s public consultation on the RAC and SEAC draft opinions on the “Proposed PFAS Restrictions in Firefighting Foams”, which closed in May this year, SEAC have considered feedback from over twenty companies and industrial bodies connected with the firefighting profession - including firefighting foam manufacturers such as ourselves.

In a recent podcast for ECHA's Safer Chemicals, chair of SEAC Maria Ottati stated:

“… a review of available fluorine-free alternatives [to AFFF] … would be needed for uses at offshore installations in the oil and gas industry, where SEAC is recommending tolengthen the transition period from five to 10 years. The committee considers the reviews important to maintain safety where fires may have high impacts on the environment and human health.”

The decision follows SEAC’s previous approval of a ten-year derogation period for use of AFFFs for sites covered by the Seveso III Directive.

This recommendation will be forwarded to ECHA which will then publish their own opinion alongside SEAC’s and forward this proposal to the European Commission for review. This information does seem to infer that OTL’s and other’s requests for offshore to be given special consideration has been accepted.

As ever, we will keep a close eye on developments and update this section of our website as soon as we have any further news.


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