Petroseal C6 6

6% Film Forming FluoroProtein Foam Concentrate (FFFP)

PetrosealC6 6 is a superior quality Film-Forming FluoroProtein (FFFP) fire fighting foam concentrate for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.

Its unique formulation is based on advanced protein foam technology. The protein base material provides a tough cohesive foam blanket with high resistance to heat that provides the same post-fire security as a top quality FluoroProtein (FP). Fluorochemical surface active agents combined with the protein base produce a vapour sealing aqueous film that provides the same fast control and extinguishment as a top quality synthetic AFFF.

  • Film-forming for fast flame knock down and extinguishment.
  • Stable and long-lasting foam blanket for excellent burnback resistance and post-fire security.
  • Detergent-free for high resistance to fuel pick-up.
  • Foam blanket re-seals when ruptured by personnel or equipment.
  • Reduced stocks, low cost storage, long shelf-life, and low usage levels combine to provide maximum cost effectiveness.

Performance Approvals 

  • Independently Tested and Certified to EN1568:2008 part 3.
  • Tested to ICAO Level B Performance.

Environmental Impact             

PetrosealC6 6 is biodegradable and virtually non-toxic to aquatic organisms. It is based on a natural protein foaming agent and contains no harmful synthetic detergent or glycol ether.


PetrosealC6 6 is the ideal fire fighting foam to use in high risk situations where hydrocarbons (such as aviation kerosene, crude oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel) are stored, processed, or transported. It is used extensively on Rapid Intervention Vehicles at major international airports and military bases where fast extinguishment and postfire security with limited quantities of foam concentrate are essential.


PetrosealC6 6 is intended for use at 6% (6 parts concentrate to 93 parts water). Petroseal C6 6 is readily proportioned using conventional foam proportioning equipment.

PetrosealC6 6 can be used with air aspirating discharge devices such as low expansion branchpipes, monitors, top pourer sets and foam/water sprinklers where a stable foam cover is essential as well as through Mex devices.

As with any foam, PetrosealC6 6 is best applied gently on to the burning liquid surface. However, the exceptional resistance to fuel contamination of FFFP enables it to direct application.

PetrosealC6 6 can be used with nonaspirating discharge devices such as spray/fog branchpipes and nozzles, monitors, and spray/fog sprinklers for fast fire knockdown. 

Physical Properties


Brown liquid

Specific gravity @ 20°C

1.08 - 1.10

pH @ 20°C

6.9 - 7.9

Viscosity @ 20°C (mm2 sec-1)

3.0 - 7.0

Max. continuous storage temp. (°C)


Freeze / thaw effect    

No performance loss

Lowest use temp. (°C)


Sediment as shipped (% v/v)

≤ 0.1

Sediment after ageing (% v/v)

≤ 0.5

Expansion ratio *

≥ 7:1

25% drainage time * 

≥ 2 mins

* Foam quality will depend on the foam equipment used and the operating conditions. The above are tested in accordance with UK Defence Standard 42-40.

Additional Information 

For additional information on fire fighting foam concentrates including C6 foams, foam testing, compatibility, shelf life and pack sizes, please refer to our FAQs section.

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EN1568 ICAO LevelB